NEAR Blockchain

Project Overview

Lesson 4 Chapter 1 Module 2

We're going to use NEAR's submission to Reddit's scaling bakeoff , NEAR's Fungible Token Standard, and Ethereum's ERC-20 standard as the basis for this project which will do the following:  

  1. Allows someone to create a Fungible Token on the NEAR blockchain;
  2. Adds some additional functionality to that token that is found in the ERC-20 standard but is not currently found in the NEAR fungible token spec (minting, burning); and
  3. Builds out a user role system that allows different levels of permissions to use the token in different ways.

We're going to build the contracts with AssemblyScript and the frontend with React.  All of the code for the tutorial and project is available in the Github repository: VPC_FT.

It will produce a Dapp that looks like this:

If you have questions along the way, I encourage you to leave them as comments on the lesson they pertain to.  I'll do my best to answer them promptly and they will undoubtedly aid others having similar issues.

I'm in the process of recording video to accompany each lesson.  They'll be added incrementally as they get completed/edited.

This course will undergo improvements and changes as people use it/start to provide feedback.  The existing functionality of the tutorial's project will continue to increase over time as a means to introduce new concepts and ideas to new developers so visit often to see what's new.

Let's get started.